About Bananagrams

The anagram game that drives you bananas!

BANANAGRAMS is a fast-paced competitive word-race game that requires no pencil, paper, board or waiting for turns! Up to eight people can play at once and the game is easy for anyone to pick up and enjoy. Each player races to build their own word grid at the same time as their opponent using a random selection of letter tiles.

The winner is the first person who uses all of their tiles… But the ever-changing nature of the grid and speed of play makes every round a frantic challenge! Regardless of your age, skill and word-game experience, BANANAGRAMS is the anagram game that drives you bananas!

Watch How to Play BANANAGRAMS!

BANANAGRAMS comes in a compact banana-shaped pouch. Its portability makes it ideal for play at home, school or when visiting friends. BANANAGRAMS is the brainchild of three generations of a word-game-obsessed family: it’s a labor of love that remains not only a best-seller but also a great learning tool.

The game helps expand vocabulary and improve spelling as well as encouraging children to love playing and interacting with words and letters.

What teachers are saying*

BANANAGRAMS is an excellent resource for SEN students

The game is quick and easy to learn, very transportable and seems to have universal appeal

Every classroom should have a set!

My students find using tangible tiles a ‘way in’ to getting words down on paper

Fantastic for reinforcing phonics