The BANANAGRAMS Challenge provides an enjoyable, interactive way to develop language skills through playing and learning with words. Created by the makers of the best-selling word game BANANAGRAMS, the Challenge is open to students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades and is free to enter for any New England School.

Organizing the Challenge is really simple. At any point during the five-week tournament period running from January 2017 through February 2017, groups of students play a series of BANANAGRAMS games. Simply note the winners’ names for each round and, through this straightforward process of elimination, every school finds its Champion or ‘Best of the Bunch’. You can choose when or where your students play – i.e., at an after-school club, breakfast club, during lesson time or at lunch.

Once identified, each school’s Best of the Bunch registers to play a series of BANANAGRAMS-based word games online. Ultimately, the top 12 players on the leader-board earn a place in the live Grand Final where the 2017 Top Banana will be crowned!

The 2016 Challenge is now complete! If you’d like to see how the 2016 Challenge Final shaped up, take a look here.

Who will become the next Top Banana and win $1000 for their school?!

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